We are now selling cds from other labels as well as used cds. Everything is strictly graded by booklet then disc. Pictures always available upon request. Labels get in touch to have us carry your releases.

If you want to order, just email us the list of what you want, along with your address and we will send you a total.

Please note used cds may have cracked cases and cases do crack during shipping. If this is an issue please ask before hand. Thanks



New CDs

Adrenalin OD "Rare and Unreleased 1982 Demos" Sealed $12

Anger Regiment "Aces & Eights" $5


Backslap "Find Yourself" $5

Black River Boys "Steeped In Tradition" Opened to replace case $8

Blood Days "Last Days On Earth" $10

Blood Stands Still "Salvation Thru Struggle" $10


Bombs Over Brunswick 2014Demo  (great Aussie Thrash) $5

Bombshell Rocks "Generation Tranquilized" Promo mark $5

The Business "Doing The Business" $10

Candy Hearts "The Best Ways To Disappear" $6

Carry On "A Life Less Plagues" $10

Cock Sparrer "England Belongs To Me" $out of stock

Cock Sparrer "Shock Troops" Deluxe Edition $out of stock


Code Orange "I Am King" $out of stock

Cops and Robbers "Execution Style" $4


Counterattack! Civil Reconstruction  (Skate Thrash from Oz) $8

Crime In Stereo "I was Trying to Describe" $10

Crime In Stereo "Is Dead" $5

Cruel Hand "Lock & Key" $11

Death By Stereo "Just Like You'd Leave Us..." $6

Death Before Dishonor "Better Ways to Die" $10


ED "Future Primative & Old Shit Since 2003" $14

Foundtation "When The Smoke Clears' $10

Gallows "Desolation Sounds" $11

Gallows "S/t" $5

Give Up The Ghost "Love American" $5

Give Up The Ghost "Year One" $10

H2O "Use Your Voice" $11

Harley Flanagan "Cro-Mags" $17

Hierophant "Great Mother Holy Monster" $10

International Noise Conspiracy "LIve at Oslo Jazz Festival" $5

Last Resort "Skinhead Anthems" $out of stock

Leeway "Born to Expire" $out of stock

Leeway "Desperate Measures" $12

Life's Blood "Discography" $13


Living Hell "The Lost and The Damned" Opened with

Top Spine Intact Promo Copy $5


Madball "Hardcore Lives" $12

Minkions "Distorted Pictures From Distorted Reality" $15

Minor Threat "Discography" $out of stock

Mother of Mercy "Symptoms of Existence" $5


Negazione "Little Dreamer" $16


Negazione "Lo Spirito Continua" $16

New Found Glory "Tip of the Iceberg" $10


97a "Society's Running on Empty" $7

No Turning Back "Holding On" $8

No Turning Back "Rise From The Ashes' $10

Octaves "Which Way The Wind Blows" $10

On The Rise "Burning Inside" $6

Point Blank "Demo" $5

Poison Idea "Darby Crash Rides Again" $out of stock

Reagan Youth "Complete Youth Anthems" 2 7"s & 2 CDs $46

Really Red "Complete Collection" 2xCD $out of stock

Rites of Spring "Six Song Demo" $8

RKL/PSO "Live Split" $10


Ronoso "S/t" Case is cracked $5


Sense Field "Building" Sealed $5


7 Seconds "Leave a Light On" $15


Sheer Terror "Standing Up For Falling Down" $10

Sick of it All "Relentless" $4

Side By Side "You're Only Young Once" Still sealed by top spine Promo $7

Since We Were Kids "Hard Cement" $10

The Skeptix/OHL "The Kids are Still United" New opened to replace case $10


SNFU "Never Trouble Trouble..." $15

Stand And Fight "Together We Win" $6


Stick To Your Guns "Disobedient" $14

Strike Anywhere "In Defiance of Empty Times' $10

Striking Distance "The Fuse is Lit" $8

Striking Distance "Iron Front" $11


Terror "Lowest Of The Low" $10

Terror "No Regrets No Shame" CD & DVD $10

Texas is the Reason "Do You Know Who You Are?" $13

Th' Inbred "Legacy of Fertility" $10

Think I Care "World Asylum" $6

Triple Threat "Into the Darkness" $5

25 Ta Life " Forever True Represent" $10

Underdog "Matchless" $10

Undertow "Everything" $10

US Bombs "We Are The Problem" $out of stock

V/A "The Best of Oi" $10

V/A "Bridge 9 Singles Vol 1" $6

V/A "Punx Unite, Leaders of Today" $7

V/A "Revelation 150 Past and Present" $8


V/A "Six Weeks Omnibus Comp "(Japanese Hardcore) $9

Violent Reaction "Marching On" $13

Wide Awake "25 Song Discography" $10