We are now selling cds from other labels as well as used cds. Everything is strictly graded by booklet then disc. Pictures always available upon request. Labels get in touch to have us carry your releases.

If you want to order, just email us the list of what you want, along with your address and we will send you a total.

Please note used cds may have cracked cases and cases do crack during shipping. If this is an issue please ask beforehand. Used cds have been play tested and do not skip. Thanks




Used CDs

All "Pummel" NM/EX $20

Ann Beretta "Burning Bridges" EX/VG+ $4

Ann Beretta "Three Chord Revolution" EX/EX $5

Antidote "No Peace in our Time" NM/NM $5

Avail "Front Porch Stories"  NM/NM $6

Avail "One Wrench" NM/NM $6

Avail "One Wrench" VG+/VG+ $6

Avail "Satiate" Lookout Records EX/EX $7


Bad Brains "Quickness" NM/NM $5

Tim Barry "Manchester" EX/NM $7

Beyond "No Longer At Ease" Some Records Press NM/NM $15

Cause for Alarm " Beneath the Wheel" NM/NM $6

Chosen Ones "Misery & Company" EX/NM $5

Cringer "Tikki Tikki.." EX/EX $6

E Town Concrete "Second Coming" EX/VG $4

Exit Condition "Impact Time/Bite Down Hard" NM/NM $10

Face To Face "S/t" Promo EX/EX $7

Face To Face "Over It" EX/EX $5

Farside "Monroe Doctrine" NM/NM $6

Fifteen "Allegra" EX/EX $6

Fifteen "Surprise" EX/VG+ $5

Fifteen "Survivor" EX/VG+ $6

Fifteen "There's No place Like Home" VG+/VG+ $5

Final Conflict "Ashes to Ashes" NM/NM $8

Flogging Molly "Live at the Greek Theater" EX/VG $7

Foundation "S/T" EX/VG+ $5

4 Walls Falling "Food For Worms" NM/NM $6

Green Day "Kerplunk" EX/VG+ $6

Hot Water Music "Exister" EX/EX $8

Insted "What We Believe" EX/EX $6

Inquisition "Revolution..I Think It's Called...." EX/VG+ $5

J Church "Meaty, Beaty.." EX/EX $6

J Church "Palestine" ex/vg+ $5

J Church "Society is a Carnivorous Flower" EX/VG+ $5

Madball "Set It Off" EX/EX $8

Monsula "Sanitized" VG+/VG $4

No For An Answer "A Thought Crusade" with Carry Nation 7" NM/EX $15

Pinhead Gunpowder "Carry The Banner" NM/VG+ $6

Pinhead Gunpowder "Goodbye Ellston Avenue" EX/NM $10

Sai Nam "Crush" NM/NM $5

Samiam "Clumsy" NM/EX $6

Screw 32 "Unresolved Choldhood Issues" VG+/VG+ $4

Sense Field "Building" NM/NM $6

Sense Field "Killed For Less" NM/nm $6

Sense Field "S/t" NM/NM $6

Sense Field "Tonight and Forever" NM/NM $5

7 Seconds "Alt.music.hardcore" VG+/VG+ $5

Shelter "Attaining the Supreme" EX/NM $20

Shelter "Beyond Planet Earth" EX/NM $6

Shelter "Eternal" NM/EX $15

Shelter "Mantra" VG+/VG++ $6

Shelter "Quest for Certainty" VG+/VG+ $15

Shelter "When 20 Summers Pass" VG+/EX $10

Shift "Get In" EX/VG+ $5

Shudder To Think "Funeral/Ten Spot" NM/VG+ $5

Shudder To Think "Music From First Love, Last Rites" NM/NM $6

Small Brown Bike "Collection" EX/VG+ $6

Small Brown Bike "Our Own Wars" EX/VG+ $6

Struggle "One Settler, One Bullet An Anthology" NM/NM $6

Sugar "Copper Blue" EX/EX $8

Sworn Enemy "Maniacal" NM/NM $7

Uniform Choice "Getting the Point Across" EX/VG+ $8

Sonny Vincent "Bizarro Hymns" NM/NM $4

Vision "Watching The World Burn" NM/NM $6

X "Under the Big Black Sun" NM/NM $7

Xerxes "Our Home Is a Deathbed" NM/NM $5

V/A "Flex Your Head" EX/EX $7