We are now selling records from other labels as well as used records. Everything is strictly graded by sleeve then vinyl. Pictures always available upon request. Labels get in touch to have us carry your releases.

If you want to order, just email us the list of what you want, along with your address and we will send you a total.

New LP's A-D


A Global Threat "Until We Die" $17


Abrasive Wheels "Skum" $16


Abrasive Wheels "When the Punks Go Marlashhing In" $17


The Abused "Loud and Clear' $out of stock


The Accused "Baked Tapes" $16


The Accused "Oh Martha" $out of stock


The Accused "Martha Splatterhead" $15


The Accused "Return of Martha.." $15


Acidez "Don't Ask For Permission" $out of stock


Actives "Kick It Down" $16

The Adicts "And it Was So" $28


The Adicts "Smart Alex"  $19

The Adicts "Sound of Music"  $out of stock


Adolescents "S/t" Colored Vinyl $17


Adolescents "Brats in Battalions" $18

Adolescents "Complete Demos" Colored Vinyl $17


Adolescents "La Vedentta" Colored Vinyl $16


Adult Crash "Unfinished Business" $12


Advent "Pain & Suffering" $16

Adventures "Supersonic Home" Colored Vinyl $18

ADZ "Where Were You?" Adolescents Bluish/black vinyl $24


AFI "All Hallows" 10" Orange Vinyl $16


AFI "Answer That and Stay Fashionable" $24


AFI "Art of Drowning" $25

AFI "Black Sails in the Sunset" $24


AFI "Blood Album" $26


AFI "Burials" $28

AFI "Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes" $24


AFI "Very Proud Of Ya" $24


Against Me "As the Eternal Cowboy" $12


Against Me "Live In London" $out of stock


Against Me "Reinventing Axl Rose" $out of stock

Against Me "The Original Cowboy" $16


Against Me "Searching For Former Clarity" $23

Against Me "Shape Shift With Me" $28


Against Me "Total Clarity" 2xLP $23


Against Me "Transgender Dysphoria Blues" $24

Against Me "White Crosses" $24


Agent Orange "Living In Darkness" $22


Agent Orange "Surf Punks" $out of stock


Rikk Agnew "All By Myself" Colored Vinyl $14

Agnostic Front "The American Dream Died" $24


Agnostic Front "Another Voice" $14


Agnostic Front "Cause For Alarm" 180G Vinyl Strength Records $


Agnostic Front "Dead Yuppies' $20


Agnostic Front "Last Warning" $27


Agnostic Front "Liberty & Justice" Red Vinyl $28


Agnostic Front “Live at CBGB” $out of stock

Agnostic Front "My Life My Way" $28


Agnostic Front "No One Rules" $22


Agnostic Front "NYC Stompin Crew Live in 85" Limited to 444 $40


Agnostic Front "One Voice"  Clear Vinyl $22


Agnostic Front "Riot Riot Upstart" $24

Agnostic Front "Victim in Pain" $out of stock


Agression "S/t" 2nd LP Limited Cover $25


Agression "Don't Be Mistaken" $15


Agression "Greatest" $20 

Alkaline Trio/One Man Army "Split" $15


Alkaline Trio "Agony &Irony" Clear Vinyl 2xLP $out of stock


Alkaline Trio "Crimson" $out of stock


Alkaline Trio "Damnesia" $26


Alkaline Trio "From Here to Infirmary" $27


Alkaline Trio "Goddamnit" 180G $out of stock


Alkaline Trio "Good Mourning" $out of stock


Alkaline Trio "My Shame Is True" $24


Alkaline Trio "This Addiction" $25

All "Allroy for Prez" $20


All "Allroy's Revenge" $out of stock


All "Allroy Sez" $out of stock


All "Breaking Things" $out of stock


All "Percolater" $24


All "Problematic" $24


All "Pummel" $26


All "Trailblazer" $22


All Out War "Dying Gods" Colored Vinyl $14


All Out War "For Those Who Were Crucified" Colored Vinyl $15


All Out War "Give Us Extinction" Clear vinyl $18


GG Allin & The Jabbers "1980s Rock N Roll" $28


GG Allin "Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be" $30

GG Allin "Brutallity and Bloodshed for All" $24


GG Allin "Freaks Faggots.." $out of stock


GG Allin "Hated in the Nation" $out of stock


GG Allin "Terror in America" $22

Alternate Action "Thin Line" $out of stock

Amebix "Monolith" $36

American Nightmare "S/t" $24

American Nightmare "Year One" $16


Anal Cunt "Morbid Florist" $22

Anal Cunt "Wicked Dead" $20


Andrew Jackson Jihad "The Bible 2" $18

Andrew Jackson Jihad "Christmas Island" Colored Vinyl $20


Andrew Jackson Jihad "Knife Man" $out of stock


Andrew Jackson Jihad "People who Can Eat People.." $out of stock


Angel Dust "AD" Gold vinyl $17

Angel Dust "Rock The Fuck On Forever" $out of stock


Angelic Upstarts "Bootlegs and Rarities" $24


Angelic Upstarts "Bullingdon Bastards" Red Vinyl $20


Angelic Upstarts "Live from the Justice League" $15

Angry Samoans "Back From Samoa" Colored Vinyl  $23

Angry Samoans "Inside My Brain" 200 gram vinyl  $20

Angry Samoans "Return to Samoa The Lost Tapes" $22

Angry Samoans "Too Animalistic 1978 Demos" $28

Anti-Cimex "Demos 81-85" $20

Anti-Cimex "The Records 81-86" $20

Antichrist Demoncore "S/t" $16


Antichrist Demoncore "Discography 03-13" $16

Antichrist Demoncore "Discography 03-13" Scene Support Version Pic Disc $16

Anti-Flag "American Fall" $out of stock 

Anti-Flag "Die For The Government" Red Vinyl $22

Anti-Flag "Document of Dissent" 2xLP $26

Anti-Flag "General Strike" $16

Anti-Flag "People or the Gun" $15

Anti-Flag "Terror State" $16

Anti-Flag " Underground Network" $16

Anti-Heroes "1000 Nights of Chaos" $14 

Anti-Nowhere League "We Are The League" Colored Vinyl $23

Anti-Pasti "The Last Call" $22

Antiseen "Blood of Freaks" $18


Antiseen "We're # One!" $28

Anti-Social "Battle Scarred Skinheads"  Red Vinyl $out of stock


Artificial Peace "Complete Session Nov 1981" $14

Asylum "Modern Hysteria" $17

At The Drive In "In-ter-a-li-a" $24


Attak "Zombies" $22


Attitude Adjustment "Dead Serious" Black Vinyl 400 Copies $25


Attitude Adjustment "Dead Serious" Splatter Vinyl 100 Copies $40


Attitude Adjustment "Terrorize" Clear Vinyl $16

Avail "Front Porch Stories" $15


Avail "One Wrench" $out of stock

Avengers "Pink Album" Red Vinyl $out of stock


Backtrack "Bad To My World" Colored vinyl $16

Backtrack "Darker Half" Sealed color unknown $21


Backtrack "Lost in Life" Purple Marble $out of stock


Bad Brains "S/t" Roir Album $22

Bad Brains "I Against I" $22

Bad Brains "Into The Future" $20

Bad Brains "Live" SST Records $20

Bad Brains "Live at CBGBs 1982" $20

Bad Brains "Rock For Light" PVC/Jem $20

Bad Cop/Bad Cop "Warriors" $16

Bad Posture "C/S" $20

Bad Religion "30 Years Lives' $24

Bad Religion "Against the Grain" $22

Bad Religion "The Dissent of Man" $24

Bad Religion "Empire Strikes First" $23

Bad Religion "Generator" $20

Bad Religion "How Could Hell..." $20


Bad Religion "New Maps of Hell" Smoke Vinyl $23

Bad Religion "No Control" $out of stock


Bad Religion "Process of Belief" $24


Bad Religion "Recipe for Hate" $23

Bad Religion "Stranger Than Fiction" $25


Bad Religion "Suffer" $20

Bad Religion "True North" $out of stock


Bags "All Bagged Up" $17


Julien Baker "Sprained Ankle" Colored Vinyl $out of stock


Bane "Don't Wait Up" Colored Vinyl  $out of stock


Barge "S/t" $20

Tim Barry "40 Miler" Colored Vinyl $14

Tim Barry "Lost & Rootless"  $14


Tim Barry "Rivanna Junction" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

Bat "Primative Age" Members of Municipal Waste and DRI Grey Vinyl $30


Battalion of Saints "Best Of" $20

Battalion of Saints "Second Coming" White Vinyl $18


Battery "For The Rejected..." Orange Vinyl $20


Bayside "Vacancy" $out of stock

Beach Slang "The Things We Do..." Purple Vinyl $20


Behind Closed Doors "Exit Lines" $20


Bell Of "00/85" $22

Bent Life "Never Asked For Heaven" $16

Beyond "Dew It/Live Crucial Chaos" Blue Vinyl Only 769 Copies $15

Beyond "Dew It/Live Crucial Chaos" Red Vinyl Only 328 Copies $20

Beyond "No Longer At Ease" Grey Marbled $15


Jello Biafra "If Evolution is Outlawed.." $25

Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School of Medicine

"The Audacity of Hype"  $17

Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School of Medicine

"Enhanced Methods of Questioning" $out of stock

Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School of Medicine

"White People and the Damage Done" $17

Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon "Prairie Home Invasion" $15


Jello Biafra & The New Orleans Raunch & Soul All Stars

"Walk on Jindal's Splinters" $17


Jello Biafra With The Melvins "Never Breathe.." $17


Jello Biafra With The Melvins "Sieg Howdy" $17


Big Black "Bulldozer" $20

Big Black "Songs about Fucking" $out of stock

Big Boys "Fun Fun Fun" $OUT OF STOCK

Big Boys "Lullabies Help The Brain Grow" $out of stock

Big Boys "Lullibies/No Matter How Long" 2xLP $24


Big Boys "No Matter How Long The Line" $23


Big Boys "Wreck Collection" Green Vinyl 2xLP $24

Big Contest "Time Will Tell" Moshers Delight $16

Bikini Kill "S/t" $17


Bikini Kill "Revolution Girl Style Now" $17


Bikini Kill "Yeah Yeah Yeah" $out of stock

Bill Bondsmen "Swallowed By The World" $10


Bishop "Everything in Vein" 10" $out of stock

Bishops Green "S/t" $13

Bishops Green "Chance to Change" $14

Bishops Green "Pressure" $17

Black Army Jacket "222" $16


Black Flag "Damaged" $25


Black Flag "Demos 1982" $30


Black Flag "Everything Went Black" 2xLP $28

Black Flag "Family Man" $20

Black Flag "First 4 Years" $28

Black Flag "In My Head" $out of stock

Black Flag "Jealous Again" 12" $out of stock


Black Flag "Loose Nut" $18

Black Flag "My War" $out of stock


Black Flag "Six Pack" 10" $18

Black Flag "Slip It In" $out of stock


Black Flag "Who's Got the 10 1/2?" $24

Black Randy And The Metrosquad "Pass The Dust.." Colored Vinyl $out of stock

Blacklisted " When People Grow.." $out of stock

BL'AST "Blood" $18

Blasting Concept "Sloth Rocket" $13

Blatz "Mike Montano" $19

Blatz/Filth "Split" $18

Blind Justice "Undertow" $17

Blind Justice "Undertow" Teal Vinyl only 200 $20

Blitz "Voice of A Generation" $out of stock


Blitz "Time Bomb Early Singles and Demos Collection" $22


Blood Days "Last Day On Earth" Orange Vinyl 100 copies $17


Blood Days "Last Day On Earth" Gold Vinyl 100 Copies opened to check color $17

Blood For Blood "Livin In Exile" Red Vinyl NM/NM $15

Blood For Blood "Outlaw Anthems" $17

Blood For Blood "Revenge On Society" $17

Blood For Blood "Spit My Last Breath" Colored Vinyl $15

Blood For Blood "Wasted Youth Brew" 2xLP $28

Blood Pressure "Need To Control" $out of stock

Blood Stands Still "Uprising" Red Vinyl comes with a CD $11

Blood Stands Still "Uprising" Grey Marble only 100 Copies $12

Blood Stands Still "Uprising" White Vinyl Only 100 Copies $12

Bloodclot "Up in Arms" $22

Bold "The Search" Blue Vinyl $17

The Bombpops "Fear of Missing Out" $16

Bonecrusher "Blvd of Broken Bones" $out of stock

Booze & Glory "As Bold As Brass" $17

Booze & Glory "Chapter IV" $out of stock

Booze & Glory "London Skinhead" Red Vinyl $16

Bored Youth "Are You Alive" $14

Born Against "Rebel Sound" $12

Bossk "Audi Noir" $14

Boston Strangler "Fire" $17

Boston Strangler "Outcast 2010" $17

Boston Strangler "Primitive' $17

Bouncing Souls "Anchors Aweigh" $22

Bouncing Souls/ Anti-Flag "BYO Split Series vol 4" $out of stock

Bouncing Souls "S/t" $24

Bouncing Souls "Comet" Colored Vinyl $15

Bouncing Souls "Complete Control" 10" $20

Bouncing Souls "Gold Record" $out of stock

Bouncing Souls "The Good The Bad and The Argyle" Yellow Vinyl $out of stock


Bouncing Souls "Hopeless Romantic" $20

Bouncing Souls "How I Spent"  $out of stock

Bouncing Souls "Maniacal Laughter" $15

Bouncing Souls "S/t" $20

Bouncing Souls "Simplicity" Colored Vinyl $22

Brassknuckle "Skinhead 82" $17

Brassknuckle Boys "Appalachian Industry" Red Vinyl $15

Break Away "Face Aggression" $15

Breakdown "The 87 Demo" $18

Breakdown "The 87 Demo" Yel/Blk Marbled Vinyl $30

Breakdown “Running Scared” (540/Painkiller) $20

Broken Bones "Dead and Gone" White Vinyl 100 Copies $25

Broken Bones "Bonecrusher" $22

Broken Bones "Decapitated" $22

Broken Bones "FOAD" $22

Broken Bones "A Single Decade" $out of stock

Brotherhood "Till Death" Blue Vinyl 600 Copies $16

Brotherhood "Till Death" Seahawks Tri color only 300 $50

Bruisers "Cruisin For a Brusin" Red Vinyl $14

Bruisers "In The Pit" $14

Bum City Saints "S/T" $14

Buried Alive "Death of" Marbled Vinyl opened to check color $17

Buried Alive "Late Rites" Colored Vinyl $17

Burn "Do or Die" Clear with Red Orange splatter Deathwish Exc $50

Burn "Do or Die" Creme/Blk Vinyl $Indie Store Exc 25

The Business "1980-81 Complete Studio Collection" $20

The Business/Dropkick Murphys "Mob Mentality" $20

The Business "Saturdays Heroes" $20

The Business "Suburban Rebels" $out of stock

The Business "The Truth.." Red Vinyl $18

The Business "Welcome to the Real World" $15

Busted Outlook "Not Defined By Violence" Green Vinyl $16

Butthole Surfers "Brown Reason to Live" Green Vinyl $17

Butthole Surfers "Demos 1983" $24

Butthole Surfers "Live PCPPEP" Green Vinyl $16

Butthole Surfers "Locust Abortion Technican" $18

Butthole Surfers "Psychic..Powerless..." $out of stock

Butthole Surfers "Rembrandt Pussyhorse" $17

Buzzcocks "Primals Urges" $out of stock

Cancerous Growth "Hmmlmmlum.." Clear Vinyl $20

Cancerous Growth "Late for the Grave" Gold Vinyl RSD $20

Cap'N Jazz "Analphabetapolothology" 2xLP $30

Casualties "Chaos Sound" $23

Casualties "Die Hard" Green Vinyl $13

Casualties "On The Front Line" Green Vinyl $14

Casualties "Under Attack" Green Vinyl $13

Casualties "We Are All We Have" $14

Caught in a Crowd "Still Holding On" Blue vinyl $20

Caustic Christ "Can't Relate' $12

Caustic Christ " Lycanthropy" $12

Ceremony "Covers" $out of stock

Ceremony "L-Shaped Man" $26

Ceremony "Rohnert Park" gold Vinyl $out of stock


Ceremony "Still Nothing Moves You" Red Vinyl $out of stock


Ceremony "Violence Violence" Pink Vinyl $out of stock


Ceremony "Zoo" $22


Chain Rank "Up Against The Wall" $out of stock


CH3 "Fear of Life" Colored Vinyl or 200 G each $22


Channel 3 "CH3" Red Vinyl $18


Channel 3 "CH3" Radiation Records Press $20


CH3 "Put Em Up" $20


Chaos UK "LP" Blue Album $22


Chaos UK "Burning Britain" 2xLP $36

Chaos UK/Extreme Noise Terror " Earslaughter" $out of stock


Chaos UK/Death Side "Japan Meets England:" $out of stock


Chaos UK "The Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes" $out of stock

Chaos UK "Short Shark Shock" $out of stock


Chaotic Dischord "Fuck Religion Fuck Politics" $22


Chelsea "S/t" $20

Chelsea Grin "Self Inflicted" Colored Vinyl $out of stock


Chokehold "S/t" White Vinyl $18


Chokehold "Content with Dying" $18


Choking Victim "No Gods No Managers" $24


Christ on a Crutch "Crime Pays When Pigs Die" colored vinyl $18


Christ on a Crutch "Shit Edge and Other Songs" Colored Vinyl $out of stock


Christ on Parade "Loud and Live" $14

Christ on Parade "Sounds of Nature" $out of stock

Christian Death "Only Theater of Pain" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

Christie Front Drive "First LP" Green Vinyl $17

Christie Front Drive "First LP" Brown w/Blue Haze #5/13 $50

Chron Gen "Chronic Generation" $23


CIA “God Guts Guns (More Than A Witness) $12

Circle Jerks "Golden Shower of Hits" Colored Vinyl $26


Circle Jerks "Group Sex" Colored Vinyl $18


Circle Jerks "Live at the House of Blues" 2xlp $24

Circle Jerks "Spin Radio Concert" 2xLP $35

Circle Jerks "Wild In The Streets" Colored Vinyl $22


Circle Jerks "Wonderful" $20

Cirguz "Svet Uz Je Jnak" $13

Citizens Arrest "Colossus" 2xLP Blue Vinyl $30
Citizen Fish "Dancing on Spikes" $20

Citizen Fish "Dancing on Spikes" $20

Civ "Set Your Goals" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

The Clash "S/t" 180G press $28

The Clash "Get Down With It" $26

The Clash "Give Em Enough Rope" $25

The Clash "Live at Shea Stadium" $22

The Clash "London Calling" 2xlp 180g press $out of stock

The Clash "Paris Hippodrome 8th May 1981" $26

The Clash "Ties on the Line" $30

The Cliftons "Sex, Drugs & Alcohol" $8

Cloak & Dagger "I Want Everything" $16

Cock Sparrer "Back Home" 180G Colored Vinyl 2xLP $20

Cock Sparrer "S/t" On Decca $25 

Cock Sparrer "Forever" 180G $23

Cock Sparrer "Guilty As Charged" 180G Colored Vinyl $18

Cock Sparrer "Live 2009" 2xLP Colored Vinyl and DVD $26

Cock Sparrer "Live Runnin Riot Across The USA"

180G Colored Vinyl 2xLP $out of stock

Cock Sparrer "Running Riot in 84/Live & Loud" 2xlp Colored Vinyl $24

Cock Sparrer "Shock Troops" Colored Vinyl $16

Cock Sparrer "Two Monkeys" 180G Colored Vinyl $18

Cockney Rejects "Unheard Rejects 79-81" $25

Code Orange "Forever" $24

Code Orange "I Am King" Out of Stock

Code Orange Kids "Love is Love/Return To Dust" $out of stock

Coke Bust "Confined" $15

Coke Bust "Confined" Refused Records Press $15

Coke Bust "The Early Years" $20

Coke Bust "Lines In The Sand" $13

Coldside "Outcasts, Thugs & Outsides" $28

Coldside "We've Had Enough" $25

Coliseum "Black Market Punks" Comes with DVD $22

Coliseum "Deluxe Reissue" 2xLP $22

Combat 84 "Charge of the 7th Calvary" $22

Combat 84 "Complete Collection" 2xLP $out of stock

Combat 84/Last Resort "Split" limited to 200 copies Pink Vinyl $30

Common Cause "Statement of Purpose" $15

Concealed Blade "S/t" $17

Concrete Sox "Whoops Sorry Vicar!" $20

Concrete Sox "Your Turn Next" White Vinyl $out of stock


Condemned 84 "Face the Aggression" Limited to 500 copies $26

Conflict "Final Conflict" $out of stock

Conflict "Its Time To See Who's Who" $20

Conflict "There Must Be A Another Way The Singles" $out of stock

Conflict US  "Last Hour" $18


Conspiracy of Denial "S/t" $15


Constant Fear "Drone Kill" Dry Rot/Knife Fight members $15


Converge "All We Love..."  $28


Converge "Axe To Fall" $23

Converge "The Dusk in Us" $24


Converge "Jane Doe" 2xLP $32

Converge "No Heroes" $out of stock

Converge "Petitioning Forever" 2xLP $28


Converge "Unloved and Weeded Out"  $15

Converge "You Fail Me Redux" $24

Corrosion of Conformity "Eye For An Eye" B&W Cover $22

Court Martial "Demos & Singles 81/82" $28

The Cramps "1976 Demo Sessions" $25

The Cramps "Big Beat"  $ou20

The Cramps "Bad Music For Bad People" 30

The Cramps "Belted, Buckled.." 10" colored vinyl $30

The Cramps "Coast to Coast" 2xLP Yellow Vinyl $34

The Cramps "A Date With Elvis" Colored Vinyl $32

The Cramps "A Date With Elvis" Yellow Vinyl $28

The Cramps "Fiends of Dope Island"  $23

The Cramps "Flame Job" Colored Vinyl $35

The Cramps "Gravest Hits" $23

The Cramps "Hot Club Philly" $30

The Cramps "Keystone Club 1979" $30

The Cramps "Let's Get Ugly" $30

The Cramps "Look Ma No Head" Green $out of stock

The Cramps "Memphis Poseurs The 1978 Demos" $28

The Cramps "Off The Bone" $30

The Cramps "Ohio Demos 1979" $25

The Cramps "Psychedelic Jungle" 180G $32

The Cramps "Real Men's Guts Vs The Smell Vol 2"

Green Vinyl  or Black Vinyl $30

The Cramps "Rockin and Reelin.." Colored Vinyl $32

The Cramps "Rockin And Reelin.." Clear Vinyl $28

The Cramps " Smell of Female" $17

The Cramps "Songs The Lord Might Have Taught Us"

Orange Vinyl $out of stock

The Cramps "Songs the Lord Taught Us" 180G $out of stock

The Cramps "Stay Sick" $out of stock

The Cramps "Tales From The Cramps Vol 1" $25

The Cramps "Voodoo Rhythm" $25

The Cramps "Wild Psychotic Teen Sounds" Ohio Demos 1979 $25

Crash Kills Four " A Raincoat and Shows..." $23

Crass "Christ The Album" 2xLP $out of stock

Crass "Feeding of the 5000" $24

Crass "10 Notes On A Summer's Day" $18

Crass "Yes Sir I Will" $out of stock

Crimpshrine "Duct Tape Soup" $18

Crimpshrine "The Sound of a New World..." $18

Cripple Bastards "Variante Alla Morte" $14

Crisis Alert "Urban Decay" $14

Cro-Mags "Age of Quarrel" $out of stock

Cro-Mags "Alpha Omega" $20


Cro-Mags "Hard Times Live in Wellington" $out of stock24


Cro-Mags "Near Death Experience" Gold Vinyl $17


The Crowd "A World Apart" $25


Crown of Thornz "Mentally Vexed" Bronze/Grn/Blk 250 Copies $20


Crown of Thornz "Train Yard Blues" Purple/Black Swirl 250 Copies $18

Crucifix "Dehumanization" available on black or smoke vinyl $25

Crude "1999" $14


Crude SS "Who'll Survive' $22


The Crusties "Crustunes" Red Vinyl $20


Cryptic Slaughter "Live in Grave" $22


Cryptic Slaughter "Money Talks" $out of stock


Cryptic Slaughter "Stream of Consciousness" 2xLP

Splatter Vinyl only 100 copies $40


Cult Leader "Lightless Walk" $out of stock


Cult Leader "Nothing For Us Here" $out of stock

Culture Shock "Attention Span" $16


Cutting Through "A Will To Change" Blue vinyl $16


Dag Nasty "Can I Say" $17

Dag Nasty "Dag with Shawn" $14


Dag Nasty Minority Of One" Colored Vinyl RSD $15


Dag Nasty "Wig Out At Denkos" $16


Damaged Ones "The First Kiss" $15


Damnation AD "Pornography" RSD 2017 Blue Vinyl $25


The Damned "At The BBC Vol 2" $25


The Damned "Damned Damned Damned" Colored Vinyl $out of stock


The Damned "Grave Disorder" $out of stock

The Damned "I Had Too Much To Drink.." 2xLP Gold Vinyl $40


The Damned "Machine Gun Etiquette"  $22


Darkbuster "No Revolution" $out of stock

A Day to Remember "Bad Vibrations" $23


Dayglo Abortions "Corporate Whores" $out of stock


Dayglo Abortions "Feed Us A Fetus" $14


Dayglo Abortions "Here Today Guano Tomorrow" $14

Dayglo Abortions "Out of the Womb" $16


Dead And Gone "TV Baby" Colored Vinyl $10


Dead Boys "Down In Flames...Live 1977" $26


Dead Boys "We have Come For..." Colored Vinyl $out of stock

Dead End/Chaos Generation "Split" $15


Dead End Kids "Skin The Kitty" $10

Dead Kennedys "Bedtime for Democracy" $20

Dead Kennedys "Frankenchrist" $20

Dead Kennedys "Fresh Fruit From Rotting Vegetables" $22


Dead Kennedys "Give Me Convenience" $22


Dead Kennedys "In God We Trust" $20


Dead Kennedys "Mutiny on the Bay" $20

Dead Kennedys "Plastic Surgery Disasters" $20

Deadguy "Fixation On A Coworker" $out of stock

Deadweight "Stroking The Moon" $10


Deafheaven "Sunbather" 2xlp $28

Death "Scream Bloody Gore" $22

Death "Spiritual Healing" Blue Vinyl $21

Death Before Dishonor "Better Ways To Die" White $14

Death By Stereo "Day of the Death" RSD Gold Vinyl $16


Death By Stereo "If Looks Could Kill...." $15


Death By Stereo "Into The Valley" RSD Red/Blk Vinyl $17

Death By Stereo "Into The Valley" RSD Purple Vinyl $17

Death Injection "Hate For Myself" $13


Death Threat "Peace & Security" $14


Death Threat/Rude Awakening "Split" $12

Decry "Falling..The Best Of" Pink Vinyl #d out of 300 $20

Deez Nuts "Word is Bond" 180G vinyl $22

Defeater "Abandoned" $out of stock


Defeater "Travels" $out of stock

Demented Are Go "Day The Earth.." Green Vinyl $28

Demented Are Go "Wicked Out of Hell" Purple Vinyl $28

Denial Fiend "Horror Holocaust" Members of Accused DRI and Obituary Colroed vinyl limited to 500 $22

Descendents "All" $23

Descendents "Cool to be You" $16

Descendents "Enjoy" $22

Descendents "Everything Sucks" $24

Descendents "Hailraker Live" $22

Descendents "Hypercaffium Spazzinate" $23

Descendents "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" $28

Descendents "Liveage" $out of stock


Descendents "Milo Goes To College" $28

Descendents "Somery" $34

Descendents "SpazzHazard" $22


DFL "Proud to Be" $24

DI "Ancient Artifacts" Colored Vinyl $17

DI "Horse Bites Dog Cries" Colored Vinyl $20

DI "Richard Hung Himself" Red Vinyl $22

DI "Team Goon" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

Dickies "Greatest Hits Live" Yellow Vinyl $20

Dickies "Still Got Live......" Pink Vinyl $out of stock

The Dicks "Kill From The Heart" $18

The Dicks "These People" $out of stock

Die Kreuzen "S/t" $19

Die Young "No Illusions" $15

The Dils " Dils Dils Dils" $out of stock

Direct Hit "Domesplitter" $16

The Dirty Nil "Minimum R&B" $16

Discharge "Apocalypse Now" Bent Corner $20

Discharge "End Of Days" $out of stock

Discharge "Hear Nothing See Nothing" $15

Discharge "Live At City Gardens"  Black/White Vinyl Limited to

100 Copies $35

Discharge "Live At City Gardens" Clear Vinyl Limited to 150 Copies $30

Discharge "Toronto 1983" $24

Discharge "Why" $14

Discourse "Sanity Decays" $14

Diseased Reason "Recombinant" $out of stock

Disgrace "True Enemy" $18

Disorder "Distort Bristol" $28

Disorder "Fires Light The Sky" $20

Disorder "The Singles Collection" $20

The Dishrags "Three" $27

Disrupt "Discography" 4xLP $out of stock

Disrupt "S/t" $out of stock

Disrupt "Unrest" $17

The Distillers "Coral Fang" $out of stock

The Distillers "S/t" $23

The Distillers "Sing Sing Death House" $out of stock

Louise Distras "Dreams from the Factory Floor" $13

Dmize "The Demos" White Vinyl Dinged Corners $28

DOA "Bloodied But Unbowed" Pic Disc $16

DOA "Don't Turn Yer Back" $16

DOA "Festival Of Atheists" $16

DOA "Hardcore 81"  $17

DOA "Live Free or Die" Red Vinyl $16

DOA "Loggerheads" $16

DOA "Northern Avenger" $16

DOA "Something Better Change"  $17

DOA "Talk-Action=0" $16

DOA "War on 45" $17

DOA "We Come In Peace" LP $16

DOA "Welcome To Chinatown Live" $20

DOA "Win The Battle" $16

Doom "Corrupt Fucking System" $26

Done Dying "We Dream or We Die" Grey Vinyl $15

Done Dying "We Dream or We Die" Blue Vinyl $15

Done Dying "We Dream or We Die" Red Vinyl $15

Down By Law "Revolution Time" 10" $14

Down To Nothing "Life on the James" Green Vinyl Sealed $13

Down To Nothing "Live On The James" Pink Vinyl $25

Down To Nothing "Live On The James" Gold Vinyl $out of stock


Down To Nothing "The Most" $13

Down To Nothing "The Most" Gold Vinyl $13

Down to Nothing "Unbreakable" colored vinyl $out of stock

Dr Know "Fuck Off and Die" White Vinyl #d out of 200 $20

Dr Know "Killing For God' $18

Dr Know "Plug in Jesus & Burn" White Vinyl $20

DRI "Crossover" $out of stocK 

DRI "Dealing With It" $18

DRI "Dirty Rotten LP" $14

DRI "Live @ CBGB's 1984" White Vinyl RSD $20

Drive Like Jehu "S/t" $16

Drive Like Jehu "Yank Crime" $out of stock

Dropdead "Discography 91-93" Orange marble $out of stock

Dropdead "S/t 1993" Purple marble $out of stock

Dropdead "S/T 1998" colored vinyl $out of stock

Dropkick Murphys/The Business "Mob Mentality" $20

Dropkick Murphys "11 Short Stores' $26

Dropkick Murphys "Blackout"  $20

Dropkick Murphys "Do or Die" $22

Dropkick Murphys "Gangs All Here' $23

Dropkick Murphys "Going Out In Style" White Vinyl 2xLP $26

Dropkick Murphys "Live at Fenway" 2xLP $25

Dropkick Murphys "Live in Lansdowne" Green Vinyl 2xLP $26

Dropkick Murphys "Live on St Patrick's Day" $24

Dropkick Murphys "The Meanest of Times" 2xLP $24

Dropkick Murphys "Signed and Sealed in Blood" 2xLP $28

Dropkick Murphys "Sing Loud, Sing Proud" $out of stock

Dropkick Murphys "Warrior's Code" Brown Vinyl $24

DS-13 "Vad Vet Vi Om Kriget" $20

DS-13 "Killed By The Kids" $13

Dwarves "Are Born Again" With DVD $20

Dwarves "Are Young and Good Looking" $22

Dwarves "Blood Guts & Pussy" $18

Dwarves "Free Cocaine" 2xLP $34

Dwarves "How to Win Friends" $20

Dwarves "Invented Rock and Roll" $25

Dwarves "Lick It" 2xLP $34

Dwarves "Must Die" $out of stock

Dwarves "Take Back the Night" $22

Dwarves "Younger and Even Better Looking" $30

DYS "Brotherhood" $20

Dystopia "Human=Garbage" 2xLP Clear Vinyl $out of stock