Our editor in his younger days! Circa '86


Started in 2014 as a zine about hardcore, punk, skateboarding, and anything else that moves us. It quickly expanded into a record label set to release the records we want to hear. Hopefully you will too. 



FOR THE ZINE: We are always looking for photo contributions. Articles will be reviewed on an individual basis. You are always more than welcome to send any music or zines for review in upcoming issues. Items sent for review get precedence as we feel if you take a chance on us you deserve to be reviewed. We won't guarantee everything will get reviewed or they will be favorable but we will review as much as we can. PLEASE NOTE: Vinyl is the preferred format here at NLY



FOR THE LABEL: Feel free to send us demos, old releases, new recordings or anything else to check out your band. The ultimate rule of thumb at NLY is we release what we like. It's not about the flavor of the month or about only working with well known bands. It is about what we feel needs to be released. So regardless of where you are from or how long you have been around, send us your stuff. Our tastes run deep at NLY and you never know what we may want to put out.


FOR THE DISTRO: Bands and labels please get in touch to have us carry your releases.