We are now selling records from other labels as well as used records. Everything is strictly graded by sleeve then vinyl. Pictures always available upon request. Labels get in touch to have us carry your releases.

If you want to order, just email us the list of what you want, along with your address and we will send you a total.



New 7"s


Absolution "S/t" $8

Absolution "Juxtaposition" $8

Abuse of Power "S/t" Orange Vinyl New Age Records $8

Accident "The Bee Gees" $10


Adrenalin OD "Let's Barbeque" Psychic Volt $15

Against Me! "Cavalier Eternal" Tan Vinyl $out of stock

Against Me! "Disco before the Breakdown" Colored $out of stock

Against Me! "Sink with Florida" Colored Vinyl $9

Against Me! "True Trans" $out of sotck

Aggression Pact "S/t" $7

Aggression Pact "Instant Execution" $7

Agnostic Front "United Blood" $out of stock

Aim Higher "Homemade" Kevin Secods $9

Ajax "S/t" Beach Imped "$7

Alcoa/Choir Vandals "Split" $7

GG Allin "A Fuck Up" Colored vinyl $12

GG Allin And The Carolina Shitkickers "S/t" Red Vinyl $20

GG Allin "Live Fast Die Fast" $10

GG Allin & The Jabbers "For Those Who Can Take It Raw" $10

GG Allin & The Jabbers "Out For Blood" Colored Vinyl $10


Alone in a Crowd "S/t" Black Vinyl $7

Alone in a Crowd "S/t" Green Vinyl some white spots $7

Alone in a Crowd "S/t" Mint Vinyl $15

Alone in a Crowd "S/t" Black Vinyl $7


Alone in a Crowd "S/t" Yellow Vinyl $7


Alone in a Crowd "S/t" Yellow and black vinyl $20

please note some are heavy with black some are less. .

We did the first order for these and the first few were

like this the rest yellow so these are RARE don't miss out

Alone in a Crowd "S/t" White Vinyl $25

Altered Boys "Left Behind" $6

American Hate "Dead Squeeze" $out of stock

American War Machine "Prey Drive" Marble $8

American Nightmare "4 Song Demo" $7

Ancient Heads "It Can't Rain Forever" $7

Angel Dust "Stay" $8

Angel Dust "Upside Down" $8

Angel Dust "Xtra Raw" Yellow $20

Another Social Disease "S/t" $6


Anti-Cimex "Anarkist Attack" $8


Anti-Cimex "Anarkist Attack" White Vinyl $8


Anti-Cimex "Victim of a Bomb Raid" White Vinyl $out of stock


Antichrist Demoncore "He Had It Coming" 2x7" $out of stock

Antichrist Demoncore/Godlagoon "Split" $out of stock


Antidote "Thou Shall Not Kill"  $out of stock

Anti  You "Nightmare Unfolds" $8

Any Last Words "s/t" $5

Armalite "Humoungus" Red Vinyl Dan from Lifetime $7

Arms Race "The Beast" $8

Arms Race "Gotta Get Out" Blue Vinyl $20


Asylum "S/t" $7


Atomic Death Squad "S/t" Red/Black Splatter vinyl $8

Atomic Death Squad "S/t" Blue vinyl $8

Aus-Rotten "Fuck Nazi Sympathy" $out of stock

Avengers "We Are The One" $out of stock


Backtrack "Cant Escape" Translucent Blue Vinyl $8

Bad Brains "Pay to Cum" White Vinyl $12

Bad Brains "Soul Music For Bad People" $12


Bad Religion "Public Service" $10

Bags "Survive" $11

Barge "No Gain" $6

Battalion Of Saints "S/t" $7

Beach Slang "Who Would Ever want.." $9

Bent Life "Cheat Death" $7

Berthold City "Moment of Truth" Blue Vinyl $8

Jello Biafra & The New Orleans Raunch & Soul All Stars "Fannie Mae" $7

Big Cheese "Aggravated Mopery" $9

Bikini Kill "New Radio" Red Vinyl $8

Black Flag "1983 Demos"  $12


Black Flag "Licorice Pizza and More" $12

Black Flag "Live Police Story" White Vinyl $10

Black Flag "Live Spray Paint The Walls"  $12


Black Flag "Nervous Breakdown" $9


Black Flag "Six Pack" $OUT OF STOCK

Black Flag "TV Party" $9


Bl'ast "For Those Who've Graced The Fire" $8

Bl'ast/Eyehategod "Split" Clear Red $10

Blatz "Cheaper Than The Beer" Orange $out of stock

Blind Justice "Back to Back Can Suck It" #d out of 200 Copies  $8

Blind Justice/Heavy Chains "Split" Clear vinyl $7

Blindside USA "Wave of Regret" $6

Bobby Sox "Hate in the 80s" $out of stock

Born Against/UOA "Split 7" $out of stock

Born Annoying "Living How You're Not" $6

Born From Pain "Warfare" Green Vinyl $6


Born Low "Refuse To Beg" colored vinyl but still sealed $6


Bouncing Souls/Hot Water Music "Split" White & Green Splatter $out of stock

Bouncing Souls "Neurotic" $6


Bouncing Souls "20th Anniversary Vol 3" Sealed $6

Break Away "The Few That Remain" $6


Breakout "True Crime" $7

Broken Cross "Secret Destruction" $6

Bruisers "Gates of Hell" $7

Brutal Bravo "S/t" $7

Brutal Truth/SOB "Split" Red Vinyl $25

Build & Destroy "Demo 2010" $7

Build & Destroy "Map of The Heavens" $7

Bulldoze "Remember Who's Strong"  Black Vinyl $7

Burn "S/t" Red Vinyl $6

Burn "From The Ashes" Purple Vinyl $8

Burn "From The Ashes" Yellow Vinyl $15

Burn "Last Great Sea" Orange Vinyl RSD $15

Burn "Last Great Sea" Green Vinyl  $10

Burn "Last Great Sea" Red $7

Burn "Mountain" $35

The Business "Back in the Day" White Vinyl $8


The Business "Harry May" $8

Candy "Candy Says" $8

Capitalist Casualties/No Comply "Split" $out of stock

Caught In A Crowd "The Fight" White Vinyl $6

Caught In A Crowd "The Fight" Purple Vinyl $6

Cause For Alarm "S/t" $out of stock

Chaos UK "Studio Outtakes 81-83" $15


Charred Remains AKA MITB "Backwards Species" Purple marble $out of stock

Chicano Christ "S/t" $8

Christie Front Drive "4010" $8

Citizens Arrest "Soaked in others Blood" $7

Citizens Patrol "Dead Children" $3

Civic Duty "Burden of Hate" $8


Clear "Demo" Clear Yellow Vinyl $out of stock

Clearsight "S/t" $8

Clitboys "We Don't Play The Game" Orange Vinyl $10

Cock Sparrer "Did You Have A Nice Life..." $10

Cock Sparrer "Every Step of the Way" White Vinyl $7

Code Orange Kids/ Full of Hell "Split" Purple Vinyl $9

Coke Bust/Vaccine "Split"  $8

Cold As Life "Suffer" Yellow Vinyl $9

Cold Stare "The Circus" $6

Cold Snap "We Cant Go On This Way" $out of stock


Column "S/t" 1st Press only 500 made $7

Combust "demo" $9


Common Cause "S/t" $6

Concrete Criminals/The Wastedist "Split" Various Colors $4

Converge "I can Tell You.." $10

Converge "Live on BBC" $8

Convict "S/t" Orange Vinyl $7


The Copyrights "No Knocks" $6

Corrective Measure "S/t" Green Vinyl $7

Corrective Measure "S/t" Black Vinyl


Counterattack!/Disparo! "Split" $6

Cramps "Band That Time Forgot" Purple Vinyl $out of stock

Cramps "Hanky Panky" Orange/Black Vinyl $15

Cramps "Human Fly" $10

Cramps "Hungry" $15

Cramps (Poison Ivy) "The Sweetest Kitten.." $15

Cramps "Sometimes Good Guys" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

Cramps "Sunglasses After Dark" Orange Vinyl $15

Cramps "Teenage Werewolf" Purple Vinyl $15

Cramps "Voodoo Idols" Black Vinyl $10


Cretins "S/t" $7

Crisis Alert "Internal Conflict" Red Vinyl $6

Cross Me "Demo" Red Vinyl only 100 copies $12

Cross Me "Forever Cursed" White Vinyl $6

Crystal Methodist S/t" Skyblue vinyl $4

Dag Nasty "Cold Heart" $6

Glenn Danzig "Who Killed Marilyn" Clear Vinyl $20


Dead Kennedys "Nazi Punks..." With Armband $8

Dead Kennedys "Original Singles Collection" Box Set $out of stock

The Deal "Life's Scars" $out of stock

Dear Furious "S/t" Orange Vinyl $8

Death By Stereo "Neverending: $9

Death Injection "S/t" Clear Vinyl 124 Copies $8

Death Injection "S/t" Splatter Vinyl 103 Copies $8

Decay After Death "S/t" $4

Decline "Own Your Words" Orange vinyl  $8

Deep Wound "S/t" $out of stock

Defeater "B9 Mystery Box" $10

Devil's Hand "Welcome to Slaughter" $6

Devour "Insect Circuitry" Red Vinyl $4

Dicks "Hate The Police" White Vinyl $10


Dicks "Peace?" $6

Die "EP" $6

Die "Vexed" $6

Die Kreuzen "Cows and Beer" $8

The Dils "198 Seconds of.." $10

The Dils "I Hate The Rich" Blue Vinyl RSD $12

Discharge "Decontrol" $out of stock

Discharge "Fight Back" $6

Discharge "Never Again' $out of stock

Discharge "Realities of War' $6


Discharge "State Violence State Control" Havoc $6

DOA "Fucked Up Donald" $8

DOA "Fucked Up Donald" Red Vinyl $9

DOA "World War 3" $8

The Dog "The Value of Life is Negative" $7


Dogchains "Give/Take" $6

Done Dying "Dress for Distress" $6


Done Dying "Shelf Life" could be Colored Vinyl but still sealed $6

Don't Sleep "Bring the Light" Orange $6


Double Me/Lifes "Split" Purple $6

Down To Nothing "More Greetings.." Red Vinyl $7

Dress Code "Perception" $8

DRI "But Wait...There's More" Various Colors $8

DRI "Violent Pacification" $out of stock

Drive Like Jehu "Hand Over Fist" $out of stock

Dropdead/Brainoil "Split" Smoke Vinyl $out of stock

Dropdead/Ruidosa Inmundicia "Split" $8

Dropdead/Systematic Death "Split" $8

Dropdead/Unholy Grave "Split" Milky Vinyl $8

Drug Control " S/t" $9

Dwarves "Toolin For A Warm Teabag" $12

Econochrist "Skewed" $4

Endeavor "S/t" Clear Vinyl $8

Enough "Something We Can Build" $7


Enough Said "Heritage Day" $7

The Eulogy "S/t" Black Vinyl $6

The Eulogy "S/t" Green Vinyl $8

The Eulogy "Last Days" clear vinyl $7


The Evens "Warrble Factor" $6

Exit Unit "S/t" Members of Infest $11

Eyehategod "New Orleans Is The New Vietnam" Purple Vinyl $10

Face to Face "Say What You Want" $out of stock

Fall Silent "Cart Return" Red/Blk Vinyl $7

Fatigue "S/t" $out of stock

Faze "In Silence" Blue Vinyl $8

Fear "I Love Livin In The City"  Green Vinyl $out of stock

Final Conflict "S/t" $6

Fireburn "Shine" Blue Vinyl $7

Fit For Abuse "The Psycho Ray Sessions" $7

Fit For Abuse "Too Little, Too Late" $7

The Fix "Double Pack 7"" Sealed $75

The Flex "Do You Think I'm Flexi" Flexi $7

Flipper "Love Canal" Red Vinyl RSD $12

Flith "Live The Chaos" Green $8


Forced Order "Eternal War" $8

Forced Order "Retribution" Grey Vinyl 700 Copies $6

4-Skins "One Law For Them" splatter vinyl $10

Free "Ex Tenebris" $11

Free Will "Demo" Red Vinyl $7

Free Will "Demo" Blue Vinyl $7

Freedom "Never Had A Choice" $8

Freedom "Pay The Price" $out of stock

Fried Egg "Back and Forth" $8

Friend or Foe "Foe" $7

Friend or Foe "Foe" Yellow Vinyl $7

Fucking Invincible "I Hate Myself" $out of stock

Fuck It I Quit "Demo" $6

Fuck It I Quit "In The Shadow" Black Vinyl $6

Fuck It I Quit "In The Shadow" Purple Vinyl $10

Fury "Kingdom Come" White Vinyl $out of stock

Fury "Live on KXLU 2015" $8

Fury of Five "Real is Back" $8

Gang Green "Skate to Hell" $8

Gang Green "Sold Out" $8

Gaslight Anthem "Senor And The Queen" 2x7" $out of stock

Germs "Forming" Green Vinyl $12

Germs "Lexicon Devil" Red Vinyl $10

Ghoul "Wall of Death"$out of stock


Gism "Anarchy  Violence' Clear Vinyl $15

Gism "Anarchy Violence" Black Vinyl 375 Copies $15

Giuda "Roll The Balls" $10

Give "Boots of Faith" $6

Give "Flower Head' $6

Give "Heaven is Waiting" White Vinyl $6

Give "I Am Live" $8

Give "I Am Love" $8


Give "Petal Pushing" $6

G.L.O.S.S. "Girls living outside society's Shit" $out of stock

G.L.O.S.S. Trans Day Of Revenge" $8


Glue "S/t" $out of stock

GO! "Demo 1989" $6

Gorilla Biscuits "S/t" $out of stock


Government Issue "Make An Effort" $8

Greg Graffin "Population Wars" $9

Green Day "Pick a Winner" $15


H2O "California" $6


H2O "DC" $6


H2O "New York City" $6

H2O "Skate" Red vinyl limited to 350 copies $10

H2O "Skate" White Vinyl $6

H2O "Skate" Clear Vinyl limited to 150 copies $35

H2O "True Romance" Red Vinyl Limited to only 500 One Time Press $25

Hangman "A Vile Decree" $7

Hard Pressed "S/t" $7

Hard Stripes "Untitled" $6

Hatebreed "Under The Knife" Grey Vinyl $7

Dave Hause "Pray For Tucson" White Vinyl $7

Heat "S/t" $7

Heroin "Head Cold" $out of stock

Heroin "Paper Bag" $out of stock

Hierophant "Inganno" Grey Marbled $6

Humiliation "S/t" White Vinyl only 250 $8

Ignite "Nothing Can Stop Me" Gold Vinyl $8


Impulse "Chula Violence" White Vinyl $5

Infa-Riot "Kids of the 80s" Pic Disc $11

Injustice Squad/Human Slaughter "Split" $7

Insist "S/t" Gold Vinyl $10 (Sleeve has a minor tear)


Inside Out "No Spiritual Surrender" Gold Vinyl $out of stock

Insist "Here & Now" $8

Into Another "Poison Fingers" Rev 25 Clear Vinyl $40

Iron Age "The Way is Narrow" Import Version $5

Iron Reagan/Toxic Shock "Split" $out of stock

Ivy "A Cat's Cause' $6

Javla "S/t" $out of stock

Jesus Piece "S/t" Blue vinyl  $8

Jesus Piece/Malice at the Palace "Split" Yellow Vinyl $7

JFA/Sin 34 "Split" $8

Katastrof "S/t" $8

King Nine "The Art of War" $7

Kingdom "Philadelphia" Pink $8


Kontaminat "S/t" Members of Los Crudos Red Vinyl $8


Koward "Desperate" Limited to 500 copies $7


Krakdown "S/t" Grey marble $10

Last of the Believers "Paper Ships" Red $8

Last Rights "Chunks" $8

Last Stand "This Is Real" White Vinyl $8

Lemuria "Varoom Allure" Green Vinyl $6

Life of Riley" Break the Silence" $8

Lifeless "If I Could Be Anyone But Me" $out of stock

Lion's Law "Watch Em Die" $7

Living laser "God Mode" Clear Vinyl $6

Living Laser "Place on Earth" Orange/Black $10

Living Laser "Versus Pigs" Purple Vinyl $6

Long Knife "Sewers & Babylon" $8

Longest War "S/t" Clear Vinyl Ex-Chokehold $out of stock

Los Crudos "Cobardes" $8

Lower Species "S/t" Red Vinyl $7

LSD "Destroy" $10

Madball/Wisdom in Chains "Family Biz" $9

Manipulate "Becoming Madness" $7

Manipulate "Becoming Madness" TEST PRESS $30

Mayday "S/t" $5

MDC "Millions of Dead Children" Clear $out of stock

MDC "Multi-Death Corporations" Gold $out of stock


Mercy Killings "S/t" $7

Mercy Killings "Snuffed Out" $7

Mindset "Nothing Less" $8

Minor Threat "First Demo" $6

Minor Threat "Salad Days" $6

The Misfits "Beware" Marble Vinyl Boot $20

The Misfits "Bullet" Red Vinyl Boot $20


The Misfits "Cough/Cool" Green Vinyl $20

The Misfits "Evil is As Evil Does" Yellow Vinyl $20

The Misfits "Evilive" White Vinyl Boot $20

The Misfits "Famous Misfits of Filmland" Purple Vinyl or Green Boot $20

The Misfits "Halloween" Orange Vinyl Boot $20


The Misfits "Horror Business" Yellow Vinyl $20

The Misfits "Live 79 The Perfect Crime" White Vinyl Boot $20

The Misfits "Night of the Living Dead" Orange Vinyl boot $20

The Misfits "Spook City USA" Purple Vinyl Boot $20

The Misfits "3 Hits From Hell" Gold Vinyl Boot $25

The Misfits "3 Hits From Hell" White Vinyl Boot $20

Misled Youth "Excuse for Existence" $8

Mizery "Survive the Vibe" Mint Green $7

Mummies "Uncontrollable Urge" Blue Vinyl $10

The Murderers "S/t" Red Vinyl $4

Nails "Obscene Humanity" $8

Nails/Full of Hell "Split" $8

Narrows/Retox Split "$7


Necros "Clubhouse Session Nov 1981" Available in Purple,

Green or Red Vinyl $10


Negative Approach "Friends of No One" Green Vinyl $7

Negative Approach "S/t" $8

Negative FX " 5 Song EP" $8


Neo Punkz "Fascist Fuckers" $12


Night Birds "Maimed for the Masses" $out of stock


Night Birds "Monster Surf" $10

Nightbirds "Who Killed Mike Hunchback? $7

1918 "Revenge" $6


97a "Better Off Dead" $4

NO "The Single" $6


No Faith "Dead Weight" $7


No For An Answer "You Laugh" Yellow $10

No For An Answer "You Laugh" Grey $6

No Heart "Scum" $6

No One Rules "Always Losing" Ex-Backtrack Corner bend on Sleeves $6

No Parole "S/t" $6

No Parole "Violent Thoughts" $6

No Trend "Teen Love" $9

No Use For A Name "Justified Black Eye" $out of stock

NOFX "Oxy Moronic" White Vinyl $out of stock

Noisear "S/t" Clear Vinyl $4

Noi!se "Dull the Pain" White Vinyl $6

NYC Headhunters "Rage of the City" $8

NYC Headhunters "Rage of the City" Green Vinyl $15

Odd Man Out "CCHC" $8

Odd Man Out "S/t" Not the skate rock band $7

On Bodies "Unremarkably Mortal" Yellow Vinyl $7

On Bodies "Unremarkably Mortal" Black/Yellow $7

Operation Ivy "Plea For Peace" $out of stock

Outbreak "Failure Demo Sessions" Orange Vinyl $25

Ourselves "S/t" Various colors $4

Oxley's Midnight Runners "Combat" $9

Padded Cell "That Punk Next Door" $3

Pansy Division "Blame the Bible" $8


P.F. Commando "S/t" Swedish punk circa 1980 $8

Piece By Piece "Primitive as Fuck" White vinyl $6


Pillage "S/t" Red Cover 2014 release $7

Pillage "S/t" Black and Blue Cover 2015 release $7

Poder Absoluto "S/t" $6


Poison Idea "Getting the Fear" RSD 2014 a few colors available $15


Poison Idea "Learning to Scream' $7


Praise "Growing Changing Healing" $7


Praise "Two Songs" $7

Primal Rite "Sensory Link to Pain" $7

Project X "Straight Edge Revenge" Clear Vinyl $6

Protester "No Identity" $6

Protester "S/t" $8

Public Suicide "S/t" Members of Coke Bust/Protester $6


Quicksand "S/t" Red Vinyl $7


RA "The Awakening" $6

Ramones "Carbona Not Glue" Yellow Vinyl $15


Rancid "Radio Radio Radio" $out of stock

Rancid "Ruby Soho" $out of stock

Rancid "Olympia Wa." $out of stock

Rats In The Wall "Warbound" White $8

Raw Justice "Artificial Peace" Current Boston Meets 90s Youthcrew $5

Reagan Youth "Complete Youth Anthems" 2 7"s & 2 CDs $out of stock

Red Death "S/t Demo" Clear Vinyl only 220 $15

Red Hare "Lexicon Mist' Clear Vinyl $6


Replica "Beast" $8


Reptile House "I Stumble As The Crow Flies" $6

Response "Stand Strong" Red or Blue Vinyl $6

Response "There's No Choice" Members of Fury and Forced Order $8

Right Idea "S/t" $6

Riot Stares "S/t" White Vinyl $8

Rites of Spring "All Through A Life" $out of stock

Rude Awakening "The Awakening" $6

Rude Awakening "Dragging The Anchor" Clear Vinyl RSD $7

Rust "Skins and Punks" $6


Scalped "S/t" $8

School Jerks "PPDSCEMFOBBT" Gold Vinyl $10

Search "Between The Lines" Blue Vinyl $20

Search "Between the Lines' Green Vinyl $7

Seaside Rebels "Changing Times" Red Vinyl $6

7 Seconds "2014 Summer Tour Set" Contains "Skins, Brains & Guts" Committed For Life" and "Blasts from the Past" all on Red Vinyl in stamped sleeves $75


7 Seconds Committed For Life" Red Vinyl $10


7 Seconds "My Aim is You" $7

Sgurd "The Beginning of The End" limited to 300 $8

Shandy "Tough Camp" $out of stock


Sheer Terror "Spite" Clear Vinyl $6

Shrapnel "Frenzied State" $6

Sick of it All "Hardcore Equals Freedom" Red Vinyl $10

Sick of it All "Hardcore Equals Freedom" Black Vinyl $10

Sick of it All "S/t" Blue Vinyl $out of stock

Sick People "In My NIghtmare" $8

Sick Symptom "Demo" $7


Sick Thoughts "Coming Over" $7


Siege "Lost Session 91" $6


Since We Were Kids "S/t" Black vinyl with CD $6


Since We Were Kids "S/t" Grey Marble $6

Since We Were Kids "S/t" Dark Grey Marble $6


Sinkhole "Tumble Mat" $3

Slapshot "Same Mistake" $8

Slow Faction "This Machine.." Colored Vinyl $6


Slugfest "Live" $7


SNFU "Live 1986" Bootleg $10


SOA "12/29/80 First Demo" Red Vinyl $10


Social Damage "S/t" $7

Social Distortion "Orange County Calling" $20


Social Unrest "Songs for Sinners" Purple $5


Soul Search "Bury The Blame" Yellow vinyl $out of stock


Soul Search/Minus "Split " Red Vinyl $6

Soul Search "Nothing But A Nightmare" Light Grey Vinyl $6

Spirits "S/t" Only 502 pressed $8

Spitboy "Rasana" Scene Support Version $5

Stadium Way "S/t" White Vinyl $out of stock

Stains "John Wayne Was A Nazi" Red Vinyl RSD $10


Stand As One "Begin to Care Demo" $5

Stand Off "Behind the Wire" $7

Stanley "Overtight Oi" $6

Straight Razor "S/t" $out of stock

Stranglehold "Hold On" Blue Vinyl $out of stock

Sterilized "Chemical Dust" White Vinyl $7


Sterilized "S/t" $7

Sterilized "Zero Sum Game" $7

Strengthen What Remains "Justice Creeps Slow" $7

Strip The Threads "Won't Hold Back" $6

Strutter "S/t" $7

Subhumans "Death to the Sickoids" White Vinyl $12

Suede Razors "Berlin or Bust' Yellow Vinyl $6

Survival "Forged In Iron" Blue Vinyl $10


Suspense " Murder With The Axe" $12

Sweet Jesus "Box" Rev Vinyl $out of stock

Take Control "S/t" $6

Teenage Bottlerocket "Goin Back to Wyo" $7

Teenage Depression "Skank or Die" $12

Teen Idles "Anniversary" Red/Blk Smear $15


Terror "Hard Lessons" Clear Vinyl $6


Terror "Live in Seattle" Orange Vinyl only 200 $10


Terror "The Wall Will Fall" Yellow Vinyl $8


Timebomb "No Values" Black Vinyl $8


Timebomb "No Values" Blue Vinyl only 100 Copies $10

Timebomb/Deacon "Split" White Vinyl $9

Timekiller "Bleed Out" $6

Title Fight "Spring Songs" $8

Tolerate "S/t" Blue Vinyl Promo Cut $4

Traffic Death "Terror On The Freeway" Scene Support Version $8

True Identity "Demo 15" 1st Press Black Vinyl $8

The Truth "S/t" $6

Turnstile "Pressure to Succeed" Clear Vinyl $out of stock

Turnstile "Step 2 Rhythm" $out of stock

Udusic "Ugly" $7

Ultra Sect "War of the Roses" $9

Ultra-Violent "Crime For Revenge" $9

Unbroken "Crushed On You" $6

Underdog "S/t" Clear Vinyl $out of stock

Uniform Choice "1982 Orange Peel Sessions" Orange Vinyl $8

Uniform Choice "1982 Orange Peel Sessions" Test Press $30


Up Front "What Fire Does" RSD 2014 Grey Marble $10


The Uprising "Screaming from the Inside" $5


The Uprising "Screaming from the Inside" Test Pressing $25

US Bombs "Art Kills"  Green Vinyl $6

US Bombs "Tora Tora Tora" $6

V/A "Four Way Split" Features Urban Waste, Red Tape, The Nasty and Notox

Available on Clear, White or Red Vinyl  $5 each


V/A "Growing Stronger" 97a, Ensign Floorpunch etc  Yellow cover $3

V/A "Hardcore Gimme Some More" $8

V/A "Winds of Change" Red Vinyl $6

V/A "Wind of Change" Red Obi/Red Vinyl $8

V/A "Winds of Change" Grey Vinyl $6

V/A "Winds of Change" $6

Vacant State "Chains" $8


Vanishing Life "People Running" Walter from GB Clear Vinyl $8

Vietnom "Thru My Eyes" Green Vinyl only 50 copies $20

Voivod/At The Gates "Split" Red Vinyl $10

Warcry "S/t" Ex-His Hero Is Gone/Tragedy $8

Weirdos "We Got The Neutron Bomb"$out of stock

While We Wait "S/t" members of Bold and Supertouch $6

Who Killed Spikey Jacket? Beerstorm Trooper $7

Wild Side "S/t" $6

Wilding Incident "Prey For The Wolf Pack" $8


Wisdom In Chains "We Never Sleep" $8

Wolf Whistle "Present Disturbance" $6

Word On The Street "Street Spirit" $6

The World is a Beautiful Place.. "Long Live Happy Birthday" Blue vinyl $10

X "Adult Books" $out of stock

Xibalba "Diablo Con Amor.." Blue Vinyl $7

Youth Brigade "First Demo" Orange Vinyl $out of stock

Youth of Today "S/t" Green Vinyl $7