We are now selling records from other labels as well as used records. Everything is strictly graded by sleeve then vinyl. Pictures always available upon request. Labels get in touch to have us carry your releases.

If you want to order, just email us the list of what you want, along with your address and we will send you a total.



New LP's Q-Z 


Queers "Back to the Basement" $20


Queers "Day Late and a Dollar Short " Green Marble $out of stock


Queers "Later Days and Better Lays" Green Vinyl $20

Queers "Move Back Home" $20

Queers "Punk Rock Confid. Revisited" $20

Quicksand "Interiors" Colored Vinyl $28

Quicksand "Manic Compression" $32

Quicksand "Slip" Clear Vinyl $32

Quicksand "Slip" Black Vinyl $30

Chuck Ragan "Covering Ground" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

Chuck Ragan "Feast or Famine" Marble $out of stock

Chuck Ragan "Till Midnight"$18

Rain Like The Sound Of Trains "Singles" White Vinyl $16

Rain Like The Sound Of Trains "Singles" Blue Vinyl $20

Ramallah/Sinners & Saints "Back from the Land of Nod Split"

Colored Vinyl only 107 Copies $18

Johnny Ramone "Final Sessions" Blue Vinyl $15


Ramones "End of the Century" $20

Ramones "It's Alive" 2xLP $out of stock


Ramones "Leave Home" $22

Ramones "Mania" $out of stock

Ramones "S/t" $22


Ramones "Rock N Roll High School Soundtrack" $out of stock

Ramones "Rocket to Russia" $25


Ramones "Road to Ruin" $28

Ramones "Strength To Endure" $30

Ramones "Today Your Love..." Live LP $25

Rancid "All The Moon Stompers" 2xLP $out of stock

Rancid "And Out Come The Wolves' $25

Rancid "B Sides and C Sides" $32

Rancid "Honor Is All We Know" Comes with CD $24


Rancid "Indestructible" $24

Rancid "Let's Go " LP Version $28

Rancid "Let's Go" 2x10" $20

Rancid "Let's Go Wolves" Only 500 Copies $out of stock

Rancid "Let The Dominos Fall" $24

Rancid "Life Wont Wait" 2xLP $24

Rancid/NOFX "Split" $15

Rancid/Operation Ivy "Live in Japan 2007" $30

Rancid "S/t 2000 release" $23

Rancid "S/t  2000 Release" Pic Disc $20


Rancid "S/t"1st LP $23

Ratos De Porao "Feijoada Acidente? Brasil" Splatter Vinyl 100 Copies $30

Ratos De Porao "No Money No English"  2xLP $28

Ratos De Porao  "Periferia 1982" $23

Rattens Krater "Bygga Upp Ett Stort Berg" Flipper Meets Gang of Four $10


Rattus "WC Rajahtaa" $24


Rattus "Uskonto On Vaara" with bonus 7" $24


Rattus "S/t" originally on Rat Cage $19


Rattus "Turta" red vinyl $24

Raw Deal "Demo" Orange Vinyl $23

Raw Deal "Demo" Splatter vinyl only 200 copies $50

Raw Power "After Your Brain" $16

Raw Power "Screams From The Gutter" Splatter Vinyl $22


Raw Power "Still Screaming" $10


Raw Power "Tired and Furious" $18

Razorcut "Common Enemy"$16

Razorcut "Rise Again" $16


Reagan Youth "Vol1" $22

Reagan Youth "Vol2" $20

Real Enemy "Life With The Enemy" Pre Half-Life Corner is dinged $20

Really Red "Teaching You The Fear Vol 1" $17

Really Red "Rest In Pain Vol 2" $20

Really Red "New Strings For Old Puppets Vol 3" $30

Red Death "Formidable Darkness" $22

Red Death " Permanent Exile" $16


Red Hare "Nites of Midnite" $14

Refused "Everlasting" $20

Refused "Freedom" Trans Clear Vinyl $25

Refused "New Noise Technology" Red Vinyl $20

Refused "Rather Be Dead" Clear Vinyl $20

Refused "Servants of Death" RSD $20


Refused "Shape of Punk To Come" $30

Refused "Songs to Fan.."  $20

Refused "This Just Might Be" Green Vinyl $22

Retox "Beneath California" $24

Retox "YPLL:Documentation" $24

Rhino 39 "S/t" $25


Ripcord "Discography Part 1" $out of stock


Ripcord "Discography part 2" $16


Ripcord "Discography part 3" $16


Rise Against "Revolutions Per Minute" $17

Rise Against "The Sufferer and The Witness" $22

Rise Against "The Unraveling" $16

Rites of Spring "End on End" $17


Ritual Mess "Vile Art" $16

Rival Mob "Hardcore for Hardcore" $20


Rival Mob "Mob Justice" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

RKL "Keep Laughing" White Vinyl $20


Roach Motel "It's Lonely At The Top" $15


Roach Motel / Hated Youth "Don't Fuck With Florida" $12

Roadside Bombs "Rise Up" $out of stock

Rock Jong IL "Dictators of Rock" LP Albuquerque Locals!! $14

Rocket From The Crypt "Group Sounds" Splatter Vinyl $out of stock

Rollins Band "Life Time" $18

Ronoso "Seep and Destroy" colored vinyl $14


Rorschach "Remain Sedate/Protestant" 2xLP $32

Rotting Out "Reckoning" Colored Vinyl $13

Rotting Out "The Wrong Way" $out of stock

Rubella Ballet "Ballet Bag" $20

Rude Pride "Take it as it Comes" $out of stock


Rudimentary Peni " Archaic" $28


Rudimentary Peni "Death Church" $26


Running For Cover "Demo" $16

Russian Girlfriends "All Around" Albuquerque Locals!! $14

Saccharine Trust "Pagonicons" $20

Sacrilege "It's Time To Face The Reaper" 2xLP $out of stock

Samhain "Unholy Passion" Yellow Vinyl $30


Samiam "Billy" Green Vinyl $16

Samiam "Clumsy" $out of stock

Samiam "Don't Break Me" 10" colored vinyl $15

Samiam "S/t" Colored Vinyl $16

Samiam "Soar" Colored Vinyl $16

Samiam "Whatever's Got You Down" Blue/Yellow Vinyl $17

Sand In The Face "Music Made to Riot" $14

Satanic Surfers "666 Motor Inn" $28

Saves The Day "Stay What You Are" $19

Saves The Day "Through Being Cool" $out of stock

Walter Schreifels "Open Letter to the Scene' Colored Vinyl & Bonus 7" $24

Science "East Coast Education" White Vinyl #d out of 300 $14

Scream "Complete Control Recording Session" 10" $11

Scream "Fumble" $15

Scream "NMC 17" $23


Scream "Still Screaming" $15

Screamers "Strength Thru Intimidation" $out of stock

Screeching Weasel "Baby Fat Vol 1" $32

Screeching Weasel "Bark Like a Dog" $17


Screeching Weasel "First World Manifesto" $13


Screeching Weasel "Television City Dream" $out of stock

Screeching Weasel "Wiggle" $27

SDS "The Future Stay in the Darkness Fog" $20

Self Defense Family "Wounded Masculinity" $17

Sensefield "Killed For Less" colored vinyl $14

Sensefield "S/t" colored vinyl $14

Sensefield "Tonight and Forever" $26

Septic Death "Need So Much...." Colored Vinyl $36


7 Seconds "The Crew" $15


7 Seconds "Leave A Light On" Colored Vinyl $20


7 Seconds "New Wind" $15

7 Seconds "Walk Together Rock Together" $OUT OF STOCK

Severe "Distorted Views" $12

Sex Pistols "Agents of Anarchy" $25

Sex Pistols "Never Mind The Bollocks" $21

Sex Pistols "Never Mind The Bollocks" Yellow Cover UK Version $30

Sex Pistols "Never Mind The Demos" $28

Sex Pistols "Sex, Anarchy..." $18

Sex Prisoner "Tannhauser Gate" $out of stock

Shades Apart ""Save It" Red Vinyl RSD $15

Shai Hulud " Hearts Once Nourished" Colored Vinyl $15

Shai Hulud "That Within Blood" Colored Vinyl $13


Sham 69 "Set List The Anthology" $32

Sheer Terror "Just Can't Hate Enough" Limited to 500 Copies $22


Sheer Terror "Standing Up For Falling Down" Colored Vinyl $22

Shelter "Attaining the Supreme" Splatter $21

Shelter "Eternal" $16

Shelter "Mantra" 180G Colored Vinyl limited to 750 Copies $35

Ship Thieves "No Anchor" HWM Members $18


Shudder to Think "Ten Spot" $17

Sick Feeling "Suburban Myth" $20


Sick Of It All "Based on a True Story" LP RSD 2014

Red/wht/Blk vinyl $25

Sick of it All "Based on a True Story" White Vinyl $23

Sick of it All "Blood Sweat and No Tears' $28

Sick of it All "Built To Last" 180G Vinyl $38


Sick Of It All "Call To Arms" $out of stock

Sick Of It All "Death To Tyrants" Red Vinyl $15

Sick of it All "Death to Tyrants" White Vinyl $30


Sick of it All "Just Look Around" $26

Sick Of It All "Last Act Of Defiance" Grey Vinyl $22

Sick of it All "Life on the Ropes' $out of stock

Sick Of It All "Live in a Dive" LP (Unplayed but vinyl showed minor sleeve

scuffing upon opening) $10

Sick of it All "Live in a Dive" Sealed $14

Sick of it All "Scratch The Surface" Colored Vinyl $38

Sick Pleasure "My Mess My Life" GG Allin meets The Pagans $10

Sick Thoughts "Songs about People You Hate" $16


Side By Side "Youre Only You Young Once" Grey Vinyl $15

Siege "Drop Dead" 30th Anniversary $14

Siege "Drop Dead" Scene Support Version with Extra LP $14

Sin 34 "Do You Feel Safe" $22

Since We Were Kids "Hard Cement No Regrets"

Clear Bluish or Dark Blue Vinyl available $17 each

The Skeptix "Singles and demos" $out of stock

Slang "Devastation in the Void" $19

Slapshot "Bloodbath in Germany" Blue Vinyl $27

Slapshot "Olde Tyme Harcore' $20

Slapshot "S/t" $18

Slapshot "Step On It" $22

Slapshot "Sudden Death Overtime" Red Vinyl $22


Slaughter And The Dogs "Do It Dog Style" $out of stock


Slaughter and the Dogs "Dog Day Afternoon" $20

Small Brown Bike "Dead Reckoning" Coke Bottle Clear vinyl $17

Smart Dads "Bummer Summer" $20

SNFU "And No One Else Wanted To Play" $13



SNFU "If You Swear You'll Catch No Fish" $14


SNFU "Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You" $17

Snapcase "Progression" $out of stock

Social Decay "Sick Society" 10" $15

Social Distortion "Greatest Hits" 2xLP $26

Social Distortion "Hard Times & Nursery Rhymes" 2xLP $25

Social Distortion "Orange County Cowboy" $35

Social Distortion "Prison Bound" $23

Social Distortion "S/t" $out of sotck

Social Distortion "Somewhere Between Heven and Hell" $30

Social Distortion "Whte Light....." White Vinyl

SOD "Speak English or Die" 2xLP $30

Sons of Ishmael "Hayseed Hardcore' $16

Sore Throat "Death to Capitalism Halmshaw" Black Vinyl 2xLP $30

Sore Throat "Death to Capitalism Halmshaw" Splatter Vinyl 2xLP $35

Sore Throat "Disgrace To The Corpse of Dig" $36

Sore Throat "Unhindered By Talent" Splatter Vinyl $35

Sorex "Portrait of a Prisoner" $18

Soul Side "Trigger" Yellow $15

Sparkmarker "Products & Accessories" RSD 2xLP $28

Spazz "Live at KZSU" $20

Specials "Ghost Town" $22

Specials "More Specials" $28

SS Decontrol "The Kids Will Have Their Say" $30

SSD "How We Rock" Sealed Original Press $25


Stalag 13 "In Control" $13

The Stalin "Trash" Unofficial Reissue $30

Stars & Stripes "Shaved for Battle $22

Stick Men With Rayguns "GraVE city" $18

Stick To Your Guns "Better Ash Than Dust" $15

Stick to your Guns "True View" $22

Stick Together " S/t" $19

Stiff Little Fingers "Great Hits Live"  Colored Vinyl 2xLP $40

Stiff Little Fingers "Inflammable Material" $24

Stimulators "Loud Fast Rules" $22

The Story So Far "S/t" Colored vinyl $out of stock

Straightjacket Nation "Live on PBS 8/3/07" $10

Street Dogs/Noi!se "Split 10" $out of stock

Strife " In This Defiance" $15

Strife "Incision" Red Vinyl $14

Strife "Live at the Troubadour" with DVD $24

Struggle "S/t" $8

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros "Global A Go-Go" $26

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros "Rock Art & The X-Ray Style" $24

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros "Streetcore" $24out of stock

Strung Out "Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues" $out of stock

Stupids "The Kids Don't Like It" with CD $28

Stupids "Peruvian Vacation" With CD $28


Subhumans "29:29 Split Vision" $18

Subhumans "The Day the Country Died" $25


Subhumans "EP-LP" $21


Subhumans "From the Cradle to the Grave" $21


Subhumans "Live in a Dive" 2xLP $18

Subhumans "Rats/Time Flies" $22


Subhumans "Worlds Apart" $21


Subhumans (Canada) "Death Was Too Kind" Early Singles $15

Suburban Scum "Ultimate Annihilation" Orange Vinyl $18


Subzero "Happiness without Peace" Blue Vinyl $13

Suicidal Tendencies "13" Pic Disc $out of stock

Suicidal Tendencies "The Art of Rebellion" $out of stock

Suicidal Tendencies "The Art of Suicide" Live Aug 31, 1990 $25

Suicidal Tendencies "Controlled By Hatred" Yellow Vinyl $out of stock

Suicidal Tendencies "Lights Camera Revolution" $out of stock

Suicidal Tendencies "Still Cyco"$out of stock

Suicidal Tendencies" S/t" Colored Vinyl $17

Suicidal Tendencies "World Gone Mad" $out of stock

Supertouch "The Earth Is Flat" LP Blue Vinyl $15

Suspect "S/t" Clear Vinyl $15

The Suspects "Voice of America" $18

Sweet Fuck All "Mission Accomplished" $out of stock

Sweet Jesus "You Destroy Yourself" Purple Vinyl $15

Swingin Utters "Five Lessons Learned" $16


Swingin Utters " Here, Under protest" $16

Swingin' Utters "A Juvenile Product..." $15

Swingin' Utters "Streets of San Fran" $16

Swingin' Utters "S/t" $15


Sworn Enemy "Living On Borrowed Time" $23

Take Offense "Under The Same Shadow" $9

Take Offense "United States of Mind" $13


Teenage Bottlerocket "Freak Out" $13

Terminal Mind "Recordings" $18

Terror "Always the Hard Way" Colored Vinyl $18

Terror "Live June 10, 2004" $22


Terror "No Regrets No Shame" LP orange/grey vinyl 700 copies $20

Terror "One with the Underdogs" Colored Vinyl $18

Terror "The Twenty Fifth Hour" $19

Terror "The Twenty Fifth Hour" Red Vinyl 300 copies $30

Terrorizer "Before the Downfall" 2xLP & CD $30

Think I Care "Singles" $17

This Is Hell "Sundowning" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

This Means War "S/t" SIlver/White 10" $13

 3 "Dark Days Coming" $14


Thrice "Identity Crisis" Colored Vinyl $23

Thrice "To Be Everywhere...." $26

Thunder and Glory "Living in the Crossfire" 10" $14

Thursday "Kill The House Lights" 2xLP and DVD $24

Thursday "Waiting" 15th Anniversary Edition with 7" $24


Tiger Army "S/t" $22


Tiger Army "II: Power of Moonlite" 24

Tiger Army "III:Ghost Tigers Rise" $24

Tiger Army "Music From Regions Beyond" $out of stock

Tiger Army "V" $24

Title Fight "Floral Green" $out of stock

Title Fight "Hyperview" $out of stock

Title Fight "Shed" $15

Token Entry "From Beneath The Streets" Black Vinyl $14

Token Entry "Jaybird" Colored Vinyl $18

Top Dog "S/t" $out of stock

Total Abuse "Excluded" $18

Total Chaos "Patriotic Shock" $10


Total Chaos "Pledge of Defiance" $13

Touche Amore "Is Survived By" $16

Touche Amore "Stage Four" $24

Touche Amore "Stage Four" LP+Book $out of stock

Toxic Reasons "Independence" $15

Toy Dolls "Wakey Wakey" Red Vinyl $36

Traffic Death "Don't Be A Projectile" $out of stock

Tragedy "Darker Days Ahead" $out of stock

Tragedy "Nerve Damage" $out of stock

Tragedy "S/t" $14

Tragedy "Vengeance" $out of stock

Transplants "Haunted Cities" $25


Transplants "In A Warzone" Comes with CD version too $23

Transplants "Take Cover" Red Vinyl $25


Transplants "S/t" $20

Trapped Under Ice "Heatwave" Cherry Red" $22

Trapped Under Ice "Secrets.." $23

Trash Talk "119" $32

Trash Talk "No Peace" With Flexi $out of stock

Trial "The Early Years" Red/Yellow limited to 100 copies 2xLP $34

The Trouble "Shadows on the Streets" $out of stock

True Love "Heaven's Too Good For Us" $16

True Love "New Young Gods" $ out of stock

TSOL "Dance With Me" $out of stock

TSOL "Revenge" $30

TSOL "The Trigger Complex" Colored Vinyl $22

Turbonegro "Rocknroll Machine" $25

Turning Point "Discography" RSD Yellow Vinyl $30

Turnstile "Nonstop Feeling" Roadrunner Press $out of stock

Turnstile "Time & Space" $30

25 Ta Life "Strength Integrity Brotherhood" $19

Twitching Tongues "Disharmony" $30

Twitching Tongues "Gaining Purpose" $30


Twitching Tongues "World War Live" $14

UK Subs "Complete Riot" $27

UK Subs "Endangered Species" $20

UK Sub "Punk Essentials" $20

UK Subs "Violent State" $20

Unbroken "Discography 3xLP" $45

Undead "The Killing of Reality" $23

Undead "Live Slayer" $17


Underdog "Matchless" Blue Vinyl $out of stock

Undertow "Everything" 2xLP Colored Vinyl $19

Unified Right "Straight to Hell" $23

B "Demo" $22

Uniform Choice "Screaming For Change"

Blue Vinyl Limited to 300 $35

Gold Limited to 300 $23

Unit Pride "Then and Now" RSD White Vinyl $18

Unity "Blood Days" Colored Vinyl with Patch $21

Unwound "New Plastic Ideas" $20


Up Front "Spirit" RSD 2014 $20

Upright Citizens" Make The Future..." $25

Urban Waste "Recycled" $13

Urban Waste "S/t" $14


US Bombs "Back At The Laundromat" $24

US Bombs "Covert Action" $20

US Bombs "Lost in America" $20

Vandals "Fear of a Punk Planet" $23

Vandals "Hitler Bad Vandals Good" Green Vinyl $24

Vandals "Live Fast, Diarrea" Green Vinyl $24

Vandals "Look What I Almost Stepped In" Green Vinyl $23

Vandals "Oi to the World" $16

Vandals "Peace Thru Vandalism"$18

Vandals "Peace Thru..." Pic Disc" $20

Vandals "Quickening" Green Vinyl $23


Vandals "When in Rome" $16

The Varukers "Another Religion Another War" $13

The Varukers "Bloosuckers' $22


The Varukers "Live in Leeds 1984" $14


The Varukers "Murder" $14

The Varukers "One Struggle One Fight" $13

The Venom "Arringtons, Crombies.." $23


Verbal Abuse "Just An American Band" Red Vinyl $out of stock


Verbal Abuse "VA Rocks Your Liver" $14

The Vibrators" Fucking Punk 77" $15

Vice Squad "Fuck Authority" Blue Vinyl $22

Vice Squad "Riot City Years" $24

Sid Vicious "I'm A Mess' $25


Sid Vicious "My Way" $15

Sid Vicious Experience "Jack Boots and Dirty Looks" Red Vinyl $20

Vicious Circle "Price of Progress/Reflections" 2xLP Red Vinyl $25

Vicious Rumours "Anytime Day or Night" $11

Victims /From Ashes Rise "Split" $13

Victims "In Blood" $12

Victims "Sirens" $19

Violent Charge "Demo Live & Lambruscore" $16

Violent Minds "Eyes of Death" $20


Vision Of Disorder "Still" $15

Void "Sessions" $15

Voodoo Glow Skulls "Band Geek Mafia" colored vinyl $26

Voodoo Glow Skulls "Firme" $28

Voodoo Glow Skulls "Symbolic" $20   

Walk Proud "Too Much is Never Enough" Green Vinyl $14

War On Women "Capture the Flag" $16

War On Women "S/t" White Vinyl $13

Warcry "Deprogram" $out of stock

Warcry "Not So Distant Future" $18

Warcry "Savage Machinery" Todd from His Hero Is Gone $out of stock

Warzone/CFA "Split" $17

Warzone "Don't Forget The Struggle..." Translucent Blue Vinyl $15

Warzone "Don't Forget The Struggle..." Blue Vinyl $30

Warzone "Fight for Justice" RSD Colored Vinyl $16

Warzone "Lower East Size" Colored Vinyl $out of stock


Warzone "Old School to New School" $15

Warzone "Sound of the Revolution" $out of stock

Warzone "Victory Years' Colored vinyl $20

Wear Your Wounds "WYW" 2xLP $30

Weirdos "We Got The Neutron Bomb" $out of stock

Weekend Nachos "Apology" $19

Weekend Nachos "Punish and Destroy" $17

Weekend Nachos "Still" $16

Weekend Nachos "Unforgivable" $16

Weekend Nachos "Worthless" $16

Weirdos "Weird World" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

Willful Neglect "Both 12' on a LP" $12

Wipers "Youth of America" $20

Wisdom in Chains "The God Rhythm" $23

Wolfbrigade "Run with the Hunted" $15

World Be Free "The Anti-Circle" Clear Vinyl $14

World Be Free "The Anti-Circle" Orange Vinyl 18

World Inferno Friendship Society "This Packed Funeral" $14

The World is a Beautiful Place.. "Always Foreign" $25

The World is a Beautiful Place.. "Whenever, If Ever" $out of stock

Wrecking Crew "Balance of Terror" Colored vinyl $22

X "Live at L'Amour Nov 26, 1983" 2xlp $35

X "Los Angeles" 180Gram vinyl $22


X "More Fun in the New World" $22


X "Under the Big Black Sun" $22

X "Wild Gift" $21

Xibalba "Tierra Y Libertad" $Grey Vinyl $16

X-Ray Spex "Germ Free Adolescents" Colored Vinyl $30

X-Ray Spex "Germ Free Adolescents" Pink Vinyl $28

X-ray Spex "Peel Sessions & Singles" Green Vinyl $25

YDI "A Place In The Sun" Yellow/Black Swirl $out of stock

Young And In The Way "When Life Comes to Death" $15


Youth Brigade "Come Again" $13


Youth Brigade "Happy Hour" $out of stock


Youth Brigade "Sound & Fury" $15

Youth Brigade/Swingin' Utters "Split" $14

Youth Brigade "To Sell The Truth" $13

Youth of Today "Break Down The Walls" Red $15

Youth of Today "Cant Close My Eyes" Colored Vinyl $15


Youth of Today "We're Not In This Alone" Translucent Blue $15

Yuppicide "Revenge Regret Repeat" $16

Zao "Pyrrhic Victory" $15

Zao "The Well-Intentioned Virus" $18

Zeke "Hellbender" $22


Zero Boys "History of" $16

Zero Boys "Vicious Circle" $16

Zounds "Redemption of" $20

V/A "America's Hardcore Vol  2" colored vinyl $15

V/A "America's Hardcore Vol  3" colored vinyl $15

V/A "America's Hardcore Vol  4" $23


V/A Bloodstains Across California" $17

V/A "Bloodstains Across the Midwest" $15

V/A "Bloodstains Across Sweden The Viking Regional" $15

V/A "Bloodstains Across Sweden 3" $15

V/A "Bloodstains Across Texas" $15

V/A "Bloodstains Across The UK Vol 2" $16

V/A "Bloodstains Across Virginia" $17

V/A "Bored Teenagers Vol 7" 18 Great British Punk Originals $22

V/A "Charred Remains" Classic comp featuring Void, Articles of Faith, Double O, Husker Du and more 2 x LP $26


V/A "Cracks In The Sidewalk" 2nd SST Press SEALED

corner has promo cut line $25

V/A "The Extermination Vol 2" $14

V/A "The Extermination Vol 2" Red Vinyl opened to check color $15

V/A "The Extermination Vol 3" Clear Vinyl  $18


V/A "Flex Your Head" $17


V/A "4 Old 7"s on a 12" Teen Idles, SOA, Govt Issue, Youth Brigade $17

V/A "Indecision Records Split Series" RSD Version $24

V/A "Influence Tribute to the Big Boys" Los Olvidados Drunk Injuns $16

V/A "Killed By Death Vol 1" $out of stock

V/A "Killed By Death Vol 2" $out of stock

V/A "Killed By Death Vol 3" $18

V/A "Killed By Death Vol 4" $out of stock

V/A "Killed By Death Vol 5" $16

V/A "Killed By Death Vol 6" $18

V/A "Killed By Death Vol 7" $16

V/A "Killed By Death Vol 8 1/2" $17

V/A "Killed By Death Vol 9" $17

V/A "Killed By Death Vol 10" $16

V/A "Killed By Death Vol 12" $16

V/A "Let Them Know Story of Youth Brigade and BYO Records" 2xLP Colored Vinyl with huge hardcover book and CD $52

V/A "Lost Artifacts Indecision 100" 10" $13

V/A "Mild In The Streets" Fat Wreck Chords Comp $16

V/A "MRR Presents Noise Ordinance" Red Vinyl $15


V/A "New Breed Tape Compilation" 2xLP $out of stock


V/A "Nardcore" LP & CD $22


V/A "New York City Hardcore The Way It Is" Colored  Vinyl $15

V/A "NYHC Where The Wild Things Are" $out of stock


V/A "New York Thrash" $20

V/A "1986'd Arcane Drama Gilman St Benefit" Colored Vinyl $20

V/A "Oi This Is Streetpunk! Vol 1" Red Vinyl 10" $14

V/A "Oi This Is Streetpunk! Vol 2" 14

V/A "Oi This Is Streetpunk! Vol 3" $14

V/A "Oi This Is Streetpunk! Vol 4" $14

V/A "Oi This is Streetpunk! Vol 5" Black/Grey vinyl $14


V/A "RI X-Core" Green Vinyl $13

V/A "Skins N Punks" Volume 1 Last Rough Case/ Society's Rejects $20

V/A "Skins N Punks" Volume 2 The Strike/The Betrayed Green Vinyl $20


V/A "Someone Got Their Head Kicked In" $15

V/A "Something To Believe In" $13

V/ A "Sounds of USA Cities #1 Washington DC" 14


V/A "Sounds of USA Cities Vol 2 Portland Oregon" $14

V/A "Still Having Their Say" XXX Fanzine Comp Red/White

Opened to Check Color $20


V/A "This is Hardcore" Judge Negative Approach Defeater $14

V/A "United We Stand" Front Lines of American street Punk 2xLP $out of stock

V/A "Yes LA" Germs, X, The Bags Pic DIsc $24