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NLY-007 PSO "My Way Out" CD

Debut full length of modern day Skate-Core made by 4 brothers from Lemon Grove, CA. The influence of classic skate punk blended with modern day hardcore make "My Own Way" a must hear for anyone who likes to "Skate, Slam & Jam". On tour in September with Since We Were Kids!!

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PSO "My Way Out" CD

NLY-006 Point Blank NYHC "S/t" 7"

Reissue of songs from their limited cd demo on 7". Features original Underdog guitarist Danny Derella. Comes with a download card for the entire demo too.

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Point Blank NYHC "S/t" 7" Red Vinyl Preorder Only US Shipping
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NLY-004 McRad "Lion Pure" 2xLP Set

limited edition 2xlp features Dominant Force 12", Absence of Sanity LP, tracks from Thrasher Skate Rock Vol 2 comp, and bonus live tracks with guest appearance by HR of Bad Brains on 2 tracks

Comes with free digital download card

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NLY-003 Stale Phish "Rock N Roll Revert" LP

Reissue of the very limited debut cd from these

Detroit Skate Punks

Shipping first week of November

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Stale Phish Rock N Roll Revert LP US Shipping
Stale Phish LP Mail Order Version Only 25 Copies
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NLY-001 "Intense Energy" 7" comp included with Issue Two of the zine.

Features: Stale Phish, 97A, The Loud Ones, Huge, and CounterAttack.


Intense Energy Comp & Not Like You Issue 2
Intense Energy Test Press

NLY-002 The Uprising "Screaming From The Inside" 7"
Reissue of 1986 demo from these UK speed kings. For those who like Subhumans, Discharge, and The English Dogs!! Called "a minor classic to this day" by Ian Glasper! Don't miss out on this classic piece of UKHC released on vinyl for the first time.

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The Uprising US Shipping
The Uprising Test Press